Band and Orchestra Festival Schedule

Here is what your kids should have brought home to you today….


HS Band District Festival Schedule 2016

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Cabin Fever and Band Festival


We are still accepting Cabin Fever Ads for area Businesses – 1/4 Page ad is just $25, 1/2 Page is $50 and a full page is $100 – Email Mr. Shimmons for more information.

We are also going to be putting YOUR personal message to your favorite Cabin Fever Performer in the program this year. Cost is only $10! Fill out this form below or the form we sent home with students today.

Fill out this form – Personal Message to your Favorite Performer


If you are subscribed to our band calendar then I am sure you have already received notification that Farwell now has a performance time for the 19th in Standish Sterling. Our FHS Symphonic Band will be performing at 7:55PM. Full schedule will follow soon. (Which of course will show up on the google calendar as soon as it is finished so watch there first!)


I have discovered that Class Messenger has changed their policy and will no longer be sending messages as text messages. This means that if you do not have a smartphone with the app installed you will not receive immediate notification when I send out messages. So I would like some feedback on how many people have this capability, how many people don’t even have texting and how many people would rather follow me on Twitter or Facebook to receive messages.

Class Messages Form

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URGENT -Concessions Workers Needed!

URGENT- Band Boosters still need an adult or two to work the concessions this Saturday and next! The parents working ALL of these are NOT available! Email, text, Facebook or call me if you can help. We have100 kids in 7-12th grades in band! We need four adults total between the two days!


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NinGenius App for Students – ON SALE FOR A BUCK!

NinGenius Student.pngIn class we use NinGenius all the time in the 5th-8th grades to help students work on fingerings and notes names for their instruments.

Students constantly ask me if this app is available for them to download at home so here is your chance parents…. make learning fun at home too!
If you want your students to get better at knowing and understanding the fingerings for their instruments then NinGenius Studio is the app to get. It will quickly become an app that your kid will be using all the time AND they will be learning while playing.

There are three versions of the app. Parents/Students should get the STUDENT EDITION version as it allows a student to access ONE instruments fingerings  as well note names!

NinGenius Student.pngThe STUDENT EDITON is $0.99 right now ($2.99 usually) This is the app for students to get when they want to practice their fingerings and note names.

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Show Your Support to Farwell Bands – Purchase an ad for the Cabin Fever Program

Cabin Fever 2016 will be held on February 20th, in the Jaime Performing Arts Center and we would love to highlight your support for our band program!

Area Businesses have shown their support to the Farwell Bands for the past 24 years by purchasing ads in our Cabin Fever Program. This much needed money goes to …

  • purchase new uniforms for out students (we were at 45 students a couple years ago and next year we will likely be about 80 in the High School!)
  • new instruments – we are playing on many instruments that are 30+ years old. We are also trying to purchase several very expensive instruments that we have never been able to have available for our students.
  • bring our band program current with todays technology.
  • purchase new music
  • provide scholarships for students to attend summer band camp
  • provide additional instructors/nurse
  • and most importantly, help make sure our students are able to attend amazing events like The Brass Band of Battle Creek, Attitude Concepts Leadership Seminar, All Star Band and many other life changing experiences.

If you or your organization or your business would like to chip in ads for Cabin Fever are an excellent way to provide exposure to the community. Cabin Fever is well attended so many people will see the program!

Ads are $25 for a quarter page (business card size), $50 for a half page, and $100 for a full page (5.5″x8.5″)

Here is a letter that explains some more details….

Cabin Fever 2016 Ad Letter


Take a look at the sort of opportunity Farwell Band Students get to take part in because of support from our Administration, Community and the hard work of our Band Boosters/Students! Thank You!


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