Cabin Fever – Huge Success! Look at this list of people who supported the Fine Arts that night!

Here is the list of who worked, performed, and supported the 23rd Cabin Fever Variety Show…. If your name is not on the list please leave a comment so I can fix the error…..


Laura Robison, Lindsey Esterline, Emily Wyatt, Tustyn Yarger, Jenna Odykirk, Madison Woodman, Brian Woodman, James Dotson, James Self, Jim Cook, Montana Shimmons, Cameron McInnis, Patrick McInnis, Tamara Mackie, Aubree Hooper, Taylor Helmer, Jamee VanSicklen, Halle Conroy

Brass Talons
Jessica Hoberek, Zeke Holly, Bryce Roebuck, Austen Weaver

United Methodist Junior Choir

Barbershop Group
Phil Strouse, Rod Koutz, Denny Wissinger, Dale Kemler

Telephone Hour Dance Group
Lauryn Bailey, Anaca Boulton, Olivia Cook, Sophie Grossnickle, Cortni Hauck, Johna Lawens, Allison Rawson, Abbie Showalter

Winter Guard
Aubree Hooper, Skylar Weldon, Amber Breeden, Taylor Helmer, Kelsey Shimmons, Andrew Pfeiffelman, Jessica Hoberek

Friends Dance Group
Raina Abbott, Olivia Cook, Elliana Dailey, Karryn Dell, Kameron Haag, Malorie Harmon, Kelsee Hilyard, Izzy House, Madison Ice, Natalie Vogel

Melodic Fusion
Ellie Erskin, Taylor Helmer,  Aubree Hooper, Maria Murphy, Andrew Pfeiffelman, James Self, Kelsey Shimmons, T. Paul Shimmons

SonBeam Puppeteers
Braeden and Abigail  Apps,  Xavier McNinch, Nick Thrush, and Guest puppeteer, Ashley Gaskill and Bob Sullivan, Director.

Wild Heart
Eric Canute & Chris West

Raise You Up Dance Group
Raina Abbott, Lauryn Bailey, Brielle Bloom, Anaca Boulton, Mia Bromley, Chloe Brown, Olivia Cook, Elliana Dailey, Karryn Dell, Sophie Grossnickle, Kameron Haag, Malorie Harmon, Cortni Hauck, Olyvia Helmka, Kelsee Hilyard, Shelby Holmes, Izzy House, Madison Ice, Tiffanie Kole, Lilly Laney, Johna Lawens, Alexis Mize, Natalie Piotrowski, Allison Rawson, Maria Scott, Abbie Showalter, Paige Sian, Eliy Simmer, Sophia Smith, Amaliia Steblynenko, Natalie Vogel, Kendall Wynne

Randa Schultz, Taylor Helmer, Aubree Hooper, Andrew Pheiffelman, Kelsey Shimmons, Ellie Erskin, Jessica Hoberek, Zeke Holley, Bryce Roebuck, Dezzy Decker, James Self, Maria Murphy

CMM 4 + 1
Dan Lake, Kelly Staten, Mike Martin, Todd Hunt and Jim Cook

Matt Moore Band
Matt Moore, Josh Thompson, Don Zuker, Shane Mittan, Austin Lutzke


Andy Frisch, Maria Murphy, Randa Schultz

Sound Tech Crew and Stage Crew
Dan Lake, Jim Cook, Doug Lake, Kent Randall, Taylor Helmer, James Self, Zeke Holley, John Pfeiffelman

Lights and Curtain Tech Crew
Bryce Roebuck, Allen Moore, Dakota Weldon, Jordan Bransdorfer, Caillee Shattuck, Ellie Erskin

BackStage Crew
Lisa Gross, Shari Buccilli, Amy White, Trevor Frost

Front Door Crew – Lobby, Tickets, Ushers, 50-50, Bake Sale
Penny Murphy, April Frost, Hannah Averill, Edgar Esponoza-Reedy, Ashley Deinberg, Olivia Lake, Morghan Silvestro, Morgan Seiter, Kate Saupe, Austen Weaver, Lisa Torr, Andrea Torr, Tom Murphy, Ellie Erskin

Concessions and Merchandise Table
Jennifer Shimmons, Laura Pfeiffelman, John Pfeiffelman, Abby Ludwick-Ross, Nick Wyatt

Dawn James

Set up Crew (if you helped setup BEFORE SATURDAY add yourself again, even if your name is else where!)
Jim Cook, Dan Lake, Doug Lake, Dakota Weldon, John Pfeiffelman, Andrew Pfeiffelman, Aubree Hooper, Amber Breeden

Tear Down Crew (if you helped tear down AFTER THE SHOW add yourself again, even if your name is else where!)
Jacob Gross, John Pfeiffelman


  • Lapham Associates
  • Gateway Lanes
  • Kyle’s Mfg. Co.
  • Sonbeam Puppeteers
  • Members First Credit Union
  • Buccilli’s Pizza
  • Farwell Family dentistry
  • VFW Post #3039
  • Central Michigan Music
  • Farwell Sports Boosters
  • Farwell Area Womans Club
  • Witbeck’s Family Foods
  • Dr. John A Finn
  • Clare Kiwanis
  • StageRight
  • Farwell Trading Post
  • Gateway Community Band and Brass Ensemble
  • Harrison Family Pharmacy, Gateway Pharmacy and Eagle Pharmacy of Farwell
  • Peyton Properties


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Cabin Fever Sound Check Times

Here is the list of Cabin Fever Sound Check Times

Show Workers need to report for a 5:00 meeting and the show will start promptly at 6:30 with the doors opening at 6:00

Tech Crew, Stage Crew, Lights, MC’s – will need to be at the school at 10AM and we will be running sound checks all day long that all those workers need to be in attendance for!

THERE IS ONE CLOSED SOUND CHECK FROM 9:30AM to 9:50AM – Only those actually involved in the act itself will be allowed into the auditorium during this time (we don’t want to ruin the surprise!)



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Band Boosters BAKE SALE this Friday at Jays

We are in need of everyone to make baked goods for the Band Boosters Bake Sale on Friday the 13th at Jays Sporting Goods.

Please bring the baked goods on Thursday to the band room.

Here is the list of workers and the times – SIGN UP

9AM-Noon :

Adult 1:BethTwynham

Adult 2:Kristina

Students – Shelby and Emily Nickerson, Heather Moss and Virginia

Noon – 3:

Adult 1: Kelly Ross

Students: Ashley D, Abbi

2-4 – Hannah Averial

2-7 – Taylor Helmer

4-6 – Dawn James

6-7 – Penny Murphy

4- Close:

Students: Stephen

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23rd Annual Cabin Fever Variety Show – February 14th at 6:30PM

Cabin Fever Poster 2015

Cabin Fever 2015

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Band Concessions – NEED HELP STILL!

Take a look at our sign up list… As you can see…. we still need parents on every night and a few more students on some nights.

Band Concessions 2015

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