Food for Monday & Wednesday for High School Band Before Marching Reviews

Food for this week before competitions:
Monday and Wednesday we will have 3 pieces of butsy pizza for $2 and a bottle of water. Sign up and turn in $ at bandroom.
There will be pop and candy available to purchase for $1 extra or powerade for $1.50 from the concession stand.

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Homecoming Day – Parade, Tail Gate and Football game. 

Big Home Coming Events for the Band coming up!


This week Friday we have our Homecoming  parade which starts at 4pm. The Parade is for all 7th-12th grade Band Members. Then that evening we have the Homecoming Football Game which all 8th-12th grade band students will be performing at as well as any band alumni that come back. 


 All 7th -12th grade Band Students are to be in the band room right after school. There is time for them to grab a quick drink and use the rest room but then we need to get the band lined up quickly. Any late members will be placed in the back of the band. The parade will start at 4.  The parade route takes us from the band parking lot down past the library and around to the elementary, past the end of the middle school and back around the end of the school to the band parking lot. After the parade the 7th graders do not have to stay but…..

As an optional activity after the parade there will be a tailgate for the band at the bandroom following the homecoming parade. This is for any 7th-12th grade band student and their immediate family is also welcome to join us. If students are staying to eat we ask that they help by providing the following items…

HS- bring your items to practice Tuesday night. If you have band siblings, bring the oldest kids items.

Woodwinds (flutes, clarinets, all saxes) bring 2 packages of hot dogs to practice Tuesday night.

Brass (trumpets, Fr Horns, trombones, baritones, tubas), color guard and drum majors bring 2 pkg of buns to Tues practice.

Percussion bring a case of water.

MS bring to bandroom Thursday or Friday before parade- 

Flutes and Clarinets bring desserts.

Brass bring chips.

Saxophones and Percussion bring salad, veggies or fruit.


After eating the 8th-12th grade band students need to be out to the football field by 5:40. There we will have any band alumni join in the band warm ups by the rock near the baseball field. Then the 8th-12th graders along with band alumni will perform at pre-game and will march onto the field promptly at 6:48. 

Following pre-game 8th-12th graders will sit together in the stands for the first two quarters and help provide spirit and excitement! During half time they will once again perform on the field. 8th graders will help out for the first part and then watch the high school for the last part. 


Following the half time performance all band members will be dismissed. 8th grade parents will need to check their students out with Mr. Shimmons by the band trailer. 

If you have any questions please email Mr. Shimmons. 

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Cadillac, Midland and Alma Info

First of all…. Your students should have brought home schedules already for these thre dates. But if they DID NOT AND YOU WANT TO DOWNLOAD SEPARATE SHEETS FOR EACH NIGHT HERE YA GO:

Second, food for this week before competitions:Monday and Wednesday we will have 3 pieces of butsy pizza for $2 and a bottle of water. Sign up and turn in $ at bandroom.

There will be pop and candy available to purchase for $1 extra or powerade for $1.50 from the concession stand.


10:30 PM – Back Home about
9:30 – Leave Cadillac
9:15 – Pack Up
9:00 – Last Group Performs
8:15 – Farwell Performs
8:00 – Staging Time
7:45 – Warmup
7:40 – Leave for Warmups
7:30 – Leave Stands
5:00 – Watch other bands
4:50 – Arrive in Cadillac
3:40 – Leave FHS


10:00 PM – Back Home (Earlier probably)
9:00 – Leave Midland
8:30 – Last Group Performs
7:45 thru 8:45 – Watch other bands
6:15 – Farwell Performs
5:55 – Staging Time
5:00 – Arrive & Unload
4:00 – Leave FHS
Concessions will NOT be available at Midland.


11:45 am – In Band Room for attendance (All Band students WILL ride the bus to Alma)
11:55 am – Load Bus
12:00 (NOON) – Leave Farwell High School
1:00 (Noon) Arrive
1:10 – Unload Trailer
1:30 – Farwell Warmup in Area #2
1:50 – Travel to Gate
2:00 – Farwell at Gate
2:05 – Farwell Performs (As soon as we march off the field you are welcome to sign your students out)
2:20 – Pipe Band
2:35 – Class C & D Awards Ceremony
Load Trailer and Leave Immediately after awards
3:00/3:15 – Leave Alma
4:00/4:15 – Arrive back in Farwell

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High School Band Pictures October 2nd

This next Friday, October 2nd, is going to be PICTURE NIGHT! Guys and Dolls are going to take the pictures once again this year. I will have envelopes in the band room at the start of the week. Their pictures always turn out so great! We will start pictures with those who want individuals at 5:30 which means you will need to be at the field a little earlier than usual. then at 5:50 we will take section pictures and then at 6ish we will take a group shot.

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Amazing Sale on Some iOS Music Apps (Today only!)

Yonac has quite a few excellent apps out for iOS and they are celebrating their 7 years of creating apps! All of these apps are only 99 cents but only for today!

Plus all their IAP’s are 70% off too!

MagellanMagellan (One of the better synth apps for iPad!)

MagellanMagellan Jr (One of the better synth apps fro iPhone!)

AirVox SmallAirvox 



ToneStack SmallTonestack

Galileo OrganThe Galileo Organ

They even have a couple of apps for FREE!

Steel GuitarSteel Guitar

miniSynth II

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