Add your Favorite Memory from being in band! Let us know what year too!

3 responses to “Memories

  1. Tristan Shimmons

    This year at band camp when Andrew Coney went on the blob and landed on his back and it was all black and blue that must have hurt so much but it was so funny!

  2. Tristan Shimmons

    At the competition when we were watching that one band i cant remember which one it was but there was that trombone player that was completely lost and wasnt even playing because he was so lost and out of step that was so much fun watching him.

  3. Rachel Robinson

    The one time this year I had to use the bucket during a lock down, is for sure my favorite and funniest memory.
    And then this year at Mardi Gras when the dang Clown kept following me around.

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