Beginning Band

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Join the Band at Farwell 2015(Enrollment Form) – Download and return to the school office!
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September 9th, 2015 at 6PM in the High School Band room

Selecting an InstrumentPicking a Quality InstrumentRental vs Buying – Recommended Brands of Instruments – Recommended Reeds

Your child will have Band year round. We have class every day. There will be 2 after school performances in their first year – one in December and the other will be in May. All rehearsals are during school hours.

You will need to provide your student with the following

  • A quality instrument in great working condition – not just an instrument shaped object
  • An Essential Elements 200 Beginning Band Book 1
  • The necessary supplies to keep that instrument working – reeds and valve oil or sticks and mallets
  • Our concert uniform which is black PANTS and a white shirt that buttons up (3 or more buttons).


Here is an excellent web site with videos demonstrating each instrument and answering many questions that parents have –


Your child can obtain an instrument through a variety of methods:

  • Buying from a reputable music dealer
  • Buying from a local Music store like Herter’s Music Center in Bay City or B’s Music in Mt. Pleasant
  • Renting from Herter’s Music Center
  • Buying an instrument from a Pawn Store or Garage Sale is sometimes a great deal and other times gives you great grief
  • Get an instrument from a friend, family or neighbor that is no longer using theirs.

I strongly suggest you rent an instrument through Herter Music Center as there are many benefits from doing this.

Visit their website to find out more about their services…

or start with reading this background information on Herter Music Center – Herter Music Info

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