Band Camp and Fundraisers

Two items for Everyone:
1)Color Guard is having a bake sale up at Jays Sporting Goods on July 24 from Noon to 5 to raise money for their flags and uniforms for this marching season. We need anyone that is willing to help to kick in some baked goods for them to sell! Those bake sales up there at Jays work really well if we have the baked goods!
2)This is the Friday that band camp payments are supposed to be paid by. If you have not paid that we need the money paid so that all these details can be taken care of.
Remember Band Boosters is loosing money when we run our band camp because you, as parents, are not being charged for the instructors/chaperones and boosters also gives a discount for families with more than one kids going to camp.
If you have any questions about how much you owe contact MR. Shimmons through email – DO NOT USE FACEBOOK MESSENGER BECAUSE I WILL NOT GET THE MESSAGE USUALLY!

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High School DrumLine

If you have NOT signed up for the Remind messages please do so!

Here are the sticks for Snare and Quad players..

Innovative Percussion FS 2 snare sticks and FS 2T tenor sticks both no more than $12.75 a pair and maybe 12.50, I’ll check tomorrow

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ATTENTION Current 8th-12th Grade Students/Parents

Remind Icon.pngWe need to get EVERYONE signed up to receive text/email/smartphone messages for this upcoming 2016 Marching Season!

We will be using “Remind” to send out messages this year once again (this is what we used two years ago.

There are four groups –

  • A Student and a Parent group. Feel free to join both
  • Then we will have a Color Guard Group and a Percussion Group as well

If you want to sign up online then click these links –

HS Band Parents –

HS Band Students –

FHS Color Guard –

FHS Drum Line (Percussion) –

If you want to simply send a text then follow these instructions –

Parents first then scroll down for the students

HS Band Parents.png

HS Band Parents

HS Band Students.png

HS Band Students


FHS Color Guard


FHS Drum Line (Percussion)

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Beginning Band Registration for 2016-2017

If you need information on the rental program from Herter Music download this – Herter Music Rental Brouchure

EVERYONE MUST REGISTER either online here or by returning the form back to the Elementary School

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Brass Master Class With Les Neish and Jonathan Corry

Band students had a the amazing opportunity to learn from Les Neish and Jonathan Corry this past week.

Visit this page to see and hear more! –

Brass Master Class

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May 20, 2016 · 6:13 am