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Quick Alumni, Name these past students! Leave comments below and let’s see who is first!

This page is for Alumni to post items of interest , like to write about your
favorite memories of a particular year, pictures and other

34 responses to “Alumni Page

  1. Sam Baiz

    I have so many good memories from band, and met a few good friends. It was a great time

  2. Jon Kruskamp

    “Ryan, if you call me T-Paul one more time i am gunna make you run X many laps!”



  3. That was so funny – Hey Ryan – did you ever run all those laps? Weren’t you still running laps at graduation time to convince me to let you get your diploma?

  4. Ryan W.

    Ya know, I’m not sure exactly how many of those dumb things I ran…but at the end of 4 years of running laps, I got pretty good at it!

  5. Amy Paradine(Newman)

    I just wanted to say thank you to Mr. Shimmons for never giving up on me. You are a great director, and when I think back to high school, one of my fondest memories were of being in the band. I always had fun and miss it quite a bit. Thank you for the fun.

  6. Kyle Howard '83

    This is a great idea. As an ancient graduate of Farwell (class of ’83) I like to stay current with what’s happening back home. I now live in Chattanooga, Tennessee where I am a band director myself. I have made this my life’s work (20 years) and loved every minute of it. I still tell my students stories of my time in high school. (Like the time we played “Mississippi Mud” during a torrential downpour.) Look me up on the John Philip Sousa Award plaque.

    Kyle W. Howard
    Class of ’83

  7. It is really cool to see alumni checking up on their hometown! I really find it cool that we have at least 3 farwell students that have gone on to become Music teachers that I know of now! Kyle Howard, Laura Halstead and Micah Volz. Know of any more?

    Don’t forget that any and all band alumni are always welcome to come back and play at the homecoming game. It’s not like you don’t know the music! The Fight Song and the Star Spangled Banner. I will have extra music at the field. Email me for more information!

  8. Shane Mittan

    I hope all is going well back in Farwell!

    I had tons of fun in my four years with the Farwell Marching Band, and have even continued marching after high school. I would like to thank everyone whom I’ve marched with for making those years so much fun! I can’t wait until I can come back and see a show! Thanks, and I miss you all!

    Shane Mittan
    (Snare, Drum Major)
    -Class of 2006

  9. Dan Manley

    Its great to read about the band. Kinda scary that i dont recognize anyone, except for you mr. shimmons. im down in virginia now, but i miss michigan a lot! Hope to hear more about you all! p.s. im gunna be a dad! jobe, hurry up and have a kid so we can make em battle!

  10. My favorite memory of band is that I was in the band and I enjoyed it all.

  11. Scott DeLozier

    Band was such a great time. It made me the person I am today. It brought me out of my so called “bubble” and made me experience new things and new people. Thats what’s awesome about band, the chance to be different from everyone else.
    Scott (Trumpet, Class of ’08)

  12. Kyle Howard

    Still going strong in Chattanooga. I teach middle school band and chorus. My days in the Farwell band are what kept me in school. My best memory was taking all I’s at district festival and going to state! That and Tom Payne eating 5 quarter pounders in one sitting!

  13. Roxanne Shea

    I think some of my best memories are from band camp. Jeremy wearing Katie’s clothes as Britney Sprears. Or even the Blob at Covenant Hills. I’m now living in Grand Rapids. Whats everyone up to anymore? Well nice talking to you.

    Roxanne ’04
    (Clarinet Bass Clarinet and Contra)

  14. Mr. S

    I LOVED watching those talent shows with Britney! I was always scared too because Jeremy did way too good at those dances! Are you out there Jeremy?

  15. Mr. S

    Kyle, Do you have a web site for your bands?
    Also… who besides Kyle H, Laura H and Micah V went on to teach music from the Farwell Band Program? Anyone know of more?

    • Viva Anderson

      Hey there! I am Kyle Howard’s older sister, Viva…class of ’78. I too have remained in music by directing children’s musical theatre for 26 years…and was the assistant marching band director for 5 years also. I have also had the opportunity to play in our high school theatre programs pit orchestra (French Horn). Our Mom, Geri Howard, a long time teacher at Farwell, started the theatre program in Farwell in the early 1960’s, with operetta’s. Thanx for all that you continue to do with the music department at Farwell!

  16. Jeremy

    Yes I am here, and trying to forget about those days of britney. I have run away to the sunny state of Florida, and living a great life. Glad to be away from all that snow.

  17. Mr. S

    Jeremy – what are you doing down there in FL? Eating lots of oranges and grapefruit I hope! I got C.J. in band right now. He is doing all right. Not sure I have convinced of that though. He wants to be able to do it ALL RIGHT NOW!

  18. Jeremy

    I needed a change of scenery, hated snow, been here for over a year now. Here to stay in a great relationship so I really cannot complain. How is everything going with the bands. I know CJ is wanting to do it all. Just do not let him trick you, like the Tuba LOL

  19. Ryan W

    So I was thinking, why is it that during parades all we played was Anchors Aweigh (Navy), and the Battle Hymn of the Republic (USMC), but we never played “The Army Goes Rolling Along”, (, or “Into the Wild Blue Yonder” for the USAF??

    • Rod Kelsey

      I am trying to find people interested in band so that I can find a family for Maxime Knopp, an exchange student from France. Maxime has played the Saxophone for 10 years and has a lifelong dream of being an exchange student in the U.S. He is also a “sporty boy and plays Rugby, among other things. He comes from a small village in France and I think that Farwellarea would be a great placement for him. Thime is running short though and I need to talk to someone about hoating him ASAP.
      Rod Kelsey
      Volunteer Area Representtive
      STS Foundation
      (810) 736-8891
      (800) 721-4678

  20. Why do they put braille on drive up bank machines?

  21. Ryan W

    Because Seeing-Eye dogs can’t read…everyone knows that!

  22. Mrs. Hamlin(Heather & Matt's mom)

    Hello to all of you alumni! I am working on a project with Mrs. Jaime and looking for some pictures from the 1993 Marching Band Show American Protrait. I am especially looking for a picture of the huge flag that opened up during the show. The Eagle Pride committee is making a Fine Arts wall. When it is complete you will have to stop by and see it. Band, Drama, and choir are the features pictures that will be used. Many hours are being put in to the project. Hope to hear from some of you.

  23. Carlita Gonzales

    So I looked for you on facebook today Mr. Shimmons and I had little luck I must not know what I am doing. Salena says thank you and by the way she had a baby girl at 4:50pm today….she is doing really well.

    This is amazing by the way I had no idea this cite existed hahaha….that’s what happens when you leave for what 6, 7 years!

  24. Jon Kruskamp

    I just remembered my freshmen year at band camp, Abe Dewey and i were singing an ICP song and Mr. Shimmons walked up right as we swore and told us we owe’d him (laps). Mr. Shimmons, being the funny guy he is, randomly walked into the room we were sleeping in and told us to go out an run and not to do anything else. So we did 3 laps in our underwear.

  25. I think my favorite memory from band was probably anytime Mr. Manley and Bill got into it, or whenever our stubborn drumline would get a taste of PJ’s chops.

  26. Max played the Sax last year. He was an exchange student from France. Could any of you please consider helping another exchange student come to Farwell? Even an arrival family would help them get here. Time is running so short for them. Without a family name, they cannot come here.

  27. Kelly B

    wow farwell band 4 yrs later…wats up sir?

  28. Ryan Woodcraft

    10 years this summer…can’t believe it! Class of ’01, Beast of the Band!!

  29. carrie bohy

    does anyone remember when Mr. shimmins had his hair in braids? or the skullet?

  30. Tim seleska

    The first pic is dickey post, second is ryon roidweller , third is bethany jared leah montini and becky davis

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