How about a Camera App That is On Steroids – FOR FREE TOO!

If you have an iPhone (maybe iPodTouch too?) and you have not ever tried the Camera+ Small IconCamera+ app then this is your lucky day (well actually this deal is good until Nov. 16 looks like.) Oh, one more thing…. looks like you have to be in the US. Some people are reporting that if you turn off location services you can still get the free app though.

Here’s what you do… Open the Apple Store App, select the Stores tab at the bottom, then scroll down once you get into that section. You should see the offer for the Camera+ app.

Here are several of the reasons you should consider making this your Camera app on iPhone…

  • The Clarity fliter
  • Advanced shooting modes
  • Sweet filters
  • Easy to edit and share your photo’s

Camera+ Screen

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Parents Night for Senior Band Students and Their Parents

Parents and Senior Band Students we will be honoring you at this football game as we do every year.

We want all parents who have a senior in band to meet down on the locker end of the football field by 6:30. From there we will announce you with your student and have you walk out to the front of the bleachers.

We are so proud of the all the students this year and their dedication to making some fine music! We especially admire the hard work the seniors have put into their band over the years! Parents, if it wasn’t for your support these students would not be the amazing young adults that they are! I have enjoyed working with them and look forward to the rest of the year with them.

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Free PassWord Manager App for iOS Users!

1Key Pro Small Icon1Key Pro – Secure Password Manager by Appxy is free today.

I sure hope you all have one of these apps! If not, now’s the day to grab one for free! This is not the one I have been using but it sure beats using the notepad!

I’ve used OneSafe Mac Small IconOneSafe for quite awhile now and can not imagine living without it! In fact, I had to look up my password for THIS blog TONIGHT just so I could bring you the exciting news of a free app!

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Homecoming Information for Middle and High School Parents

(Alumni and 6th Grade Parents – read to the bottom!)

All 7th, 8th and High School Band Students are to report to the band room by 3:05 to get into uniform friday after school. By 3:15 we will be lining up and at 3:30 we will warmup and run through cadences.

The Parade starts AT 4:00 promptly – we will march from the south side of the high school down to Wright St and then back around to go past the elementary/middle schools and will end up back in the band parking lot.


Middle School students should turn their polos back in to Band Boosters in a neat orderly fashion! 7th and 6th grade is dismissed after the parade. Adults please check your student out with Mr. Shimmons!


Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, French horn, Baritone, Tuba – $3; Saxophones – one 12 pack of pop or a case of water; Percussion brings dessert to share. Simply bring the food and drinks to the football field that evening.


Be at the band trailer by 5:40 and then over by the rock by 5:55. Line up will be done by 6:00. If you are not by the rock in time you will not be with your section.

Pre-Game starts promptly at 6:50. Half-time is sometime around 7:45ish to 8:30 ish.

All band members are dismissed after the half-time festivities.

ALUMNI – Calling all alumni…. come play in the parade and at the pre-game with your band! We miss you! email Mr. Shimmons for music or sightread it when you show up friday! (Word of warning for all those who have been out of school for more than a year – pre-game has changed and the fight song has been updated! We also have an Alma Mater now as well! YEA US!


This is an optional parade for 6th grade students. If your students has practiced hard enough to participate in the parade they have successfully passed their test…. They know who they are but if for some reason you have any question then email me or call Mr. Shimmons

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Music Creativity Apps On A Sweet Sale!

Got an iPad, iPodTouch or iPhone? Get a few apps for a great price right now!

ForScore – $4.99 (50% off) – This is what all of my Digital Sheet Music is in

loopyHS small iconLoopyHD – $1.99 (75% off) – Jimmy Falon has featured this app several times lately!

Traktor small iconTraktor DJ – $4.99 (50% off)

Djay2 small icondjay 2 – $4.99 (50% off)

bebop small iconBebot – Robot Synth – $.99 (50% off)

iMaschine Small IconiMaschine – $1.99 (over 50% off) – Watch the videos… you’ll see why this one rocks!

TonalEnergy Small IconTonalEnergy Chromatic Tuner and Metronome – $1.99 (50% off) – My go to tuner every day in rehearsals along with Tunable

OnSong Small IconOnSong – $5.99 (50% off) – If you use chord chart then this is THE app for you! You will not find a better way to handle all those chord charts and perform from them!

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