Brass Band of Battle Creek Trip Info

If your student is interested in taking part in the Brass Band Trip I am sure you have questions. Also, we need to get money in by this Friday so we can finalize all the details! If this is a problem then simply call, email, text, Facebook, direct message on Twitter or SOMETHING!

Here is information about the Trip to the Brass Band of Battle Creek 2014.

Brass Band Trip Dec 2014 - Print this PDF out – Or save a tree and read it online here

Brass Band 2014 Background - More info and pictures to help explain this trip.

If you have ANY questions, comments, or concerns then please call Mr. Shimmons!

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Upcoming List of Events -

Of course you COULD always check the online band calendar too but this is easy to print off.

Upcoming Events

  • Nov 15 – CMU Concessions – Meet at 10:45 at FHS
  • Nov 15 – Gateway Brass Ensemble – Brown Corners Church – 3PM
  • Nov 22 - CMU Concessions
  • Nov 25 – FHS Choir and Melodic Fusion – Jaime Performing Arts Center – 6:30PM
  • Dec 3 – Christmas Concert FHS Band – Jaime Performing Arts Center  – 6:30PM
  • Dec 9 – Christmas Concert FMS Bands – Jaime Performing Arts Center  – 6:30PM
  • Feb 14 – Cabin Fever Variety Show – Jaime Performing Arts Center – 6:30PM
  • Feb 17 – Mid-Winter Concert – 6th-12th Grade Bands and HS Choir -Jaime Performing Arts Center – 6:30PM
  • Feb 20/21 – District 9 MSBOA Band and Orchestra Festival
  • March 3 – 8th Grade Parents Meeting 6PM – HS Media Center
  • April 24/25 – Spring Drama Production
  • April 29 – MS Bands Spring Concert – Jaime Performing Arts Center – 6:30PM
  • May 1 – HS Band and Choir Spring Concert – Jaime Performing Arts Center – 6:30PM
  • May 25 – Memorial Day Parade – 9th-12th Grade Band – Downtown Farwell
  • May 31 – FHS Graduation – 8th-12th Grade Band – FHS – 1:00PM

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November 11 – Marching Band Celebration

Our chance to get together as the 2014 Marching Eagles for one last time to celebrate our marching season!

Bring pictures and videos and get ready to have some fun!

Students – Bring your family to join in on the fun.

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How about a Camera App That is On Steroids – FOR FREE TOO!

If you have an iPhone (maybe iPodTouch too?) and you have not ever tried the Camera+ Small IconCamera+ app then this is your lucky day (well actually this deal is good until Nov. 16 looks like.) Oh, one more thing…. looks like you have to be in the US. Some people are reporting that if you turn off location services you can still get the free app though.

Here’s what you do… Open the Apple Store App, select the Stores tab at the bottom, then scroll down once you get into that section. You should see the offer for the Camera+ app.

Here are several of the reasons you should consider making this your Camera app on iPhone…

  • The Clarity fliter
  • Advanced shooting modes
  • Sweet filters
  • Easy to edit and share your photo’s

Camera+ Screen

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Parents Night for Senior Band Students and Their Parents

Parents and Senior Band Students we will be honoring you at this football game as we do every year.

We want all parents who have a senior in band to meet down on the locker end of the football field by 6:30. From there we will announce you with your student and have you walk out to the front of the bleachers.

We are so proud of the all the students this year and their dedication to making some fine music! We especially admire the hard work the seniors have put into their band over the years! Parents, if it wasn’t for your support these students would not be the amazing young adults that they are! I have enjoyed working with them and look forward to the rest of the year with them.

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