minim by Livid Instruments is Coming Soon!


We have had a slew of new musical making opportunities over the past five year what with the introduction of iPad and other new controllers like the QuNeo.

July 29, 2015 another new device is showing up and Ask Audio has the introductory scoop on it.

Here is what I saw that catches my eye – 1)It’s wireless (Thank you!) Now, let’s just hope that means bluetooth 4! 2)The price for the kickstarter looks like it may well be under $100 which puts this well into the affordable category! 3)Now, if this is bluetooth 4 that may also mean multiple controllers could control the same device!

Take a minute…

Think about it…

Is it becoming clear what this could do to help out making electronic music in the classroom?

We will have to see on the 29th!

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