Mid-Week Notes!

I really need to get some more music posted on the band website that parents and students should be listening to. PARENTS – Rest assured,  music will be one of the best gifts you ever give your kids! If our students are going to try to play instruments they MUST have excellent role models to listen and emulate. They can not produce what their ear have not heard (not as well). Take time in the middle of all the hectic parts of life and go take a listen – even if you just preview every song on the album (it’s free to preview!)

This week I have chosen….

Benny goodmanA clarinet player – Benny Goodman! (Yes woodwinds this is for you!) One of the recent discussion I had was about how I wish I had stuck on my euphonium as my main instrument throughout all of my college leanings even though euphonium was not considered a “jazz” instrument! Now that I know better can I go back and have a do over?

The album is a collection of Benny Goodman playing his clarinet as only he does… “The Original Benny Goodman – the Greatest Jazz Clarinet” –  These sort of albums are a great introduction to hear some of his amazing and most recognized works.

Here is a link to one of my favorite’s – Sing, Sing, Sing

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