Marching Band Show

As we wrap up one successful season we look at the next. Who has ideas for next years marching show! Let’s discuss it here and throw out a bunch of ideas. Remember we DO NOT want to “fit in” and “look like everyone else”! And remember boys and girls, “Be nice!”


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22 responses to “Marching Band Show

  1. Rachel Robinson

    My vote is Disney, Nightmare Before Christmas, orrrr MJ!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ chyeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Rachel Robinson

    orrr we could do like and era’s show… like 50’s 60’s 70’s 80’s yah know that’d be cool ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Larry Marshall

    In my opinion i think it should be “Nightmare Before Christmas.” Its unique, its fun, and its something new that we havent done in a long time. It’s not gonna be something thats comment like Disney or Michael Jackson. Also, its something close to halloween, so itd be kinda cool since most of our competition/show cases are in the beginning of october. I already have the music if you havent even heard me playing it in the band room!!

    Well, thats my idea.
    If I think of or hear any more,
    I’ll post em on here.

  4. josh schaeffer

    we could do an 80’s-today show or a seasonal show like christmas,halloween,st.pattys day,and fourth of july. if we do a saosonal show we should do nightmare before christmas part 2 as a saxophone feature and each section gets a feature we can have sax feature,a flute/clarinatefeature a trumpet/baritone/trombone feature and a percussion feature.

    if i think of anymore i’ll post them

  5. josh schaeffer

    each song is a feature

  6. Travis White

    First of all, people hate the stupid old time music, we should stick with our era. The MJ idea is terrible, and personally, I like the Nightmare before Christmas. Also, I would like to buy gold bandannas for the drumline, every drumline is different and ours should be too.

  7. @Travis – Not sure those who do not recognize the music will ever “Not hate” the show. Keep that in mind as we look for other music.

    @Josh – not sure what you mean.

  8. josh schaeffer

    we get four songs one is a sax feature one is a percussion feature one is a low brass feature and another is a high winds feature.

    and travis alot of the the older music is really good and people do reconize and mj would be a good show

  9. Travis White

    I dont think so, I dont like the old time music, and when the drummers aint happy, aint nobody happy.

  10. Kyle Thrush

    I think we should do a Star Wars theme…It would be completely Epic…I mean come on…Who doesn’t like Star Wars? And Everyone knows what Star Wars is…

  11. Kyle Thrush

    And during the one of the songs for Star Wars, two of the Colour Guard can have a Light Saber duel!

  12. Rachel Robinson

    Well guess what Travis, there are people that like “old time” music.

  13. Travis White

    HAHA! Thank you mysterious Toedoe!

  14. Shelby Eagle

    i think that we should do disney =) it would be fun, and i dont care if everyone does it or not! its my senior year, and i want to do something that im going to get into, and like! =)

  15. mr. s

    Be nice boo boo! Don’t get your g in a bunch! AGAIN….. you can into whatever u choose to get into Shelby!

  16. Travis White

    I seriously think we should do a drumline show….

  17. Darcey Huston

    Disney is done every year, you dont want to be a follower, I haven’t seen anyone do a Nightmare before Christmas show. That would realy stick out, and that is the idea.

  18. Kelly Gervin

    Speaking of marching season, any percussionist who is interested in any extra training over the summer should definitely consider signing up for Alma College’s percussion workshop! We are in desperate need of attendees and anyone who is interested should give it a look! I know money is tight, but it is worth the investment! You can find more info on dates and registration at

    Sorry for the advertising, Mr. Shimmons… I know it was a little off topic

  19. band mom

    I think a lot of the spectators at the football games are parents and we love the oldies. Some good upbeat songs like “Twist and shout” and “Aint to proud to beg” would get the crowd’s toes tapping! You guys know those songs too and would enjoy doing them!

  20. Mr. S

    Farwell has already done Disney 2x in the past 15 years. Thats not good!

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