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Lady Gaga and me (How does this apply to us?)

Lady Gaga and me

Do you think it bothers her that I don’t listen to her music and wouldn’t recognize her if she stopped by and said hi?

It shouldn’t.

Even if you’re a pop star, you don’t need everyone to be a fan or a customer. And especially if you’re not a pop star, worrying about whether everyone laughs at your jokes, buys your product or even likes you is counterproductive.

Unless you’re running for something that requires a unanimous vote, it’s a mistake to focus on the frowning guy in the back of the room or the dolt who doesn’t get your subtle references or the miser who isn’t going to buy from you regardless…

You’re on the hunt for sneezers, for fans, for people willing to cross the street to work with you. Everyone else can pound sand, that’s okay. Being remarkable also means being ignored or actively disliked.

BTW, I’m virtually certain that Lady (do her friends call her that?) doesn’t read my stuff, so we’re even.

Posted by Seth Godin on December 16, 2010 – I took this from his page. More good reading over there.

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Welcome to the end of the year

We hope you enjoyed all of our Christmas Concerts in December! The students worked hard at preparing the music and had a blast performing it for you!

To look forward to next year, January, Any student who wants to audition for All Star Band needs to et the music from Mr. Shimmons now because auditions are on the 10th.

7th-12th grade band students will all be participating in Band and Orchestra Festival in March. Watch for upcoming about all of that.

High School students that are doing zoo and ensemble festival need to be working on their solo during break as festival is the first Saturday in February.

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New Concert Pictures

High School AND Middle School Concert Pictures!

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Snow Day Postpones Cabin Fever Auditions

Cabin Fever Auditions that WERE going to be on the 13th of December will now be held on TUESDAY the 21st. Same time as before just a new night. If you are not sure of your time then simply go check the band calendar.

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