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Band Camp

Camp this year was an outstanding time. Lots of fun with each other, MANY hours of work (Don’t want those kids to get bored you know!) and some great fun activities planned by Paula! Thanks to Paula, Diane and John for their dedication to some great students.

I was disappointed with the fact that I still do not have ANY pictures to share here on the band web site! Send me your pics so we can enjoy them!

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While at Band Camp

I hope you are all as excited as I am about camp, this years show and seeing everyone. This chance for us all to work, play and be together is a time I look forward to every year!

I am going to try something different this year. For all of you who are bringing digital cameras… please bring along the card reader or cord you use to put your pictures on your computer. I will bring the iMac and would love for you guys to put your shots on the schools computer so we can all share them! We will also put council in charge of keeping our website posted daily with fresh pics so parents can follow along too.

Alumni and Parents – feel free to visit us! We love to see you. Check the schedule in the parent information page (look up).

6:45 AM – I will see you then!


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Band Camp Info

If you want to make sure you have the right stuff packed – it is all common sense stuff but there is a Camp Letter with a repeat of previously mailed material along with a packing list on the parent information page.

Also check the Parent Information Link above for band camp registration and medical forms and a daily suggested schedule.


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Band Camp and this next year

Camp is here! Well almost. The 17th we will meet you all at the school at 6:45 AM (Yes it is early). If you have lost your original forms I have more online under the parent info page.
The drill and music is very exciting this year, we have a great t-shirt design and there are some great activities planned for camp.

Calendar – make sure you are checking the calendar frequently. We have the Labor Day parade before school starts, uniform hand out dates before school and 2 tuesday night practices as well.

WE NEED AN ADULT TO TAKE OVER CONCESSIONS THIS SCHOOL YEAR. Many thanks to Dawn Tesne, Amanda Tesner and Teresa Ziegler for taking care of concessions this past year! They were in charge of raising over $4,000 this past school year. We need someone new to step up and take charge as we do not want to loose that income!


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