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Concessions Workers

Have YOU worked a concessions yet this year? 

1-12-07 Dakota Taylor
1-29-07 Tommy Hawley
2-3-07 Sara Wilkins and Tommy Hawley
2-8-07 Denali Pruden, Elisha Doyle, Larry Marshall and Phil Brown


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A new picture


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Band Directors through the years

Who can fix these dates and or spellings? Who can add to this list? I know the order of directors is close but the years are really fuzzy!(Updated with help from Micah’s post)T. Paul Shimmons 1996-PresentDon Volz was 1995-1996Karen Neninnger was 1994-1995 (she left in March)Dave Papenhagen was 1992-1994Mark VanHoose was 1990-1992Connie Miller was 1988-1990Ewbank was the maiden name of Merlyn Bidstrup was director from 1976-1987, then she moved to the elementary school.Don Volz was 1969? and was moved to 8th grade social studies around 1975


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Drum Majors through the years

Who can fill in the blanks? Remember that the year listed is the graduating year (which does not really line up with marching season all that well!)

2009 – Dan Jenkins and Dan Newton
2008-Rebecca Gaskill and Dan Jenkins
2007 – Chad Welke and Rebecca Gaskill
2006 – Christine Maxwell and Shane Mittan
2005 – William Manley and Salena Huff
2004 – Dan Manley and Salena Huff
2003 – Jon Kruskamp, Abe Dewey and Grace Roberts
2002 – Jon Kruskamp and Casey Post
2001 – Amanda Wood and Courtney Brown
2000 – Amanda Wood and Nikki Swanson

1999 – Krista Steffes and Matt Hamlin
1998 – Krista Steffes and Erica Grim
1997 – Krista Steffes & Laura Halstead
1996 – Amy Hines and Laura Halstead
1995 – Amy Hines, Laura Halstead & Micah Volz
1994 – Hannah Volz and Heather Hamlin
1993 – Hannah Volz and Heather Hamlin

1987 – Mona Chandlier or was it Dawn Otis
1982 – Tammy Council


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New Concessions Area

We moved into our new concessions booth in the new gym! Here are some pictures of our Band Boosters and a few of the students who spend an AWEFUL amount of time earning the band money by selling 1,000′s of hot dogs! Thank you guys SO much. Thank you to those in the past boosters groups who have also put in so many hours on concessions, you are not forgotten!

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