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Calendar Updates!

OK – it was brought to my attention that there were some errors on the calendar. I did updates to make sure thing sure things were clear. Monday nights with the exception of the Labor Day monday – we are practicing on that thursday (6:30 – 9:00) I also fixed a few times on the away trips.

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Section Jobs

Something new we are starting this year is Section Jobs – these are what each section will be responsible for besides their obvious jobs like taking care of personal instruments and uniforms.

Section Jobs (Marching Season)

Helps sideline pit put equipment away

Clean the practice field and staging area (pick up litter)

Hat box loading and unloading

Clean Rehearsal Hall after games

Loads all Winds Instrument on Trailer

Loads Podium and ladder on trailer

Clean the Instrument Storage Vault

All percussion helps

Color Guard
Clean Practice Rooms & CG areas

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More Pictures from the past

But not too far back this time! Can you actually correctly identify ALL the people in this picture AND give the year and performance? Cans


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New Pictures

There are now pictures and a movie of our new band room, our new choir room and our Eagles Family Night on the 23rd of August. Let the movie have a few moments to load – especially if you have dial up!!!!! Just go to the Media page and select this years link.


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New Picture for Alumni

All right – Shane you were very close on the last picture. Now let’s go WAY back! I’ll make this a bit more difficult at first. Then I will put up a few more pics from the same year and I KNOW someone will get this! Post your comments, thoughts and name the year! Oh – by the way – If I am counting right we had 32 in band this marching season. Didn’t mean we were not good though. We went to state band and orchestra festival that year.
All Ready on the Field
Coming on the Field


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